Leather and Denim

Hello again! This is a look from when Michelle and I had dinner this Friday. Personally I completely LOVE this pictures, they are perfect. Love the contrast of green and city. I also need to confess that I am beginning to learn how to pose in pictures and that they are becoming better and better.

I earlier had a blog that I told you about in my latest post, but felt like I need to start over and do it right this time. So this blog will be as professional as I can and I will also invest in a new “pocket camera” that I can carry with me all the time so you can see what I´m up to.

I have also started a new twitter account where I will be posting my thoughts and my moods, an Instagram account where I will post more frequently and where you can see what I´m up to in the moment.

Instagram: Madeleinetvete

Twitter: Madeleine_tvete

All photos taken by wonderful Michelle Äärlaht, you find her hereIMG_7190






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