H&M: 10 Latest favorites

I have decided that every Thursday I´m going to post my 10 latest favorites from H&M. I hope you will enjoy it! I will also write a comment to every item.

  1. Off shoulders and flowers: So off shoulders it starting to get old, or who am I kidding? Will it ever get old, I love off shoulders and don´t think it is going to be out off fashion for a while. I will definitely invest in some cute off shoulder blouses to this summer. It makes the most boring outfit look cool. So YES! Match with: Anything really. Whatever you feel like, jeans shorts, black trousers, skirts, denim skirts, yes everything goes with this beauty! Go for a neutral colour though since it is much colour in this top. 
  2. White jeans skirt: Love! This is so cute I can´t even explain. Match with: A coloured t-shirt och tank top, loafers och sneakers. 
  3. Flared denim dungarees: I saw this and fell in love. Match with: Same as above, a white or coloured t-shirt or tank top. Sneakers of any kind, I prefer the Adidas originals but go for your favorites and feel awesome! 
  4. Yellow off shoulders: Right now I´m in love with yellow, it is an amazing colour and especially in the summer when you have a bit of colour on your skin. Match with: A denim skirt, blue jeans or shorts. I would definitely go for denim though since it is a perfect match! 
  5. White tank top: This is so elegant! perfect for a dinner or a night out. Match with: Black pants of any kind for a night out, a cute skirt for a dinner in any colour. 
  6. Not your bae: Okay so swimsuits are so fashion and have been for a while now, and I love it! Except for the tan you will get haha. Match with: nothing needed, but a pair of flip-flops, a big beach bag and a pair of jeans shorts on your way to the beach. Then take it all off and show your fabulous swimsuit. 
  7. Playsuit: This is available in several colours and I liked so many of them so it was really hard to choose. Still not sure if this is my favorite colour haha. Match with: A pair of black or white sandals and your coolest sunnies. 
  8. More off shoulders: Love, love, love this. I guess you have noticed that by now. Match with: To this I would wear black or white shorts, a cute purse in a nice pop colour like blue or green, or why not yellow? Sandals goes perfect with this as well as loafers. 
  9. Here we go again, off shoulders: This dress needs nothing to look good. Match with: Sandals or heels if you are going out night time, a small bag in any colour of your choice and maybe a hat if you like to look super cool. 
  10. Halterneck: I would love to wear this in the summer, good tan lines, comfy and cute! Match with: Jeans shorts and flip-flops or sandals. And some cool sunnies to spice it up a bit. 

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