H&M: 10 Latest Favorites


  1. Beach bag, HERE: I love this bag and whish that I´m going to the beach more often so I could have any use of it. It could work in the city as well but I prefer to have a zip on my bags so I feel safe from thief´s. Match with: Swimsuit and kimono in any colour since this bag is so neutral.
  2. Pleated skirt, HERE: YES! This is so fashion right now and I love it, I will definitely buy one, I just haven´t decided the colour yet. Match with: A neutral top and sneakers for a casual look or heels and a nice spaghetti top for dinner look. 
  3. Green sandals, HERE: I would definitely wear this for a day in the city, looks comfy and your feet an breath for a bit. Match with: Jeans or skirt, not too many colours but I could go for a yellow top for this. I´m in love with yellow at the moment. 
  4. White shopper, HERE: This is good if you want to go grocery shopping and still look cool, I love the mix with “leather” handles and beach bag. Very good with a small zipper bag inside for your values. Match with: Black, one pop colour and sneakers. 
  5. Pleated kimono, HERE: This is so lovely! Match with: something neutral under since the material is so cool. I would go for the same colour scale with this to keep it simple and fresh. 
  6. Shirt dress, HERE: Seriously, this one has always looked good and will always do. Match with: I love it with sneakers and a big bag. 
  7. White sandals, HERE: Do I even need to say anything? I think you all get this one. Convenient, comfy, goes with everything.
  8. Red plattforms, HERE: I love the colour!  Match with: These shoes would make anything look cool.
  9. Mint green heels, HEREMatch with: cute dress or skirt, something green in the top and a little clutch in white or any light colour. No dark colours to this one!
  10. Black heels, HERE: Well this is for everyday look, dinner, going out, wedding etc. Match with: EVERYTHING! 

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