What have I been up to this week?

Monday: I went with a friend from home to a dance class, hiphop heels, which was amazing and I´m definitely doing it again.

Tuesday: I relaxed after work, felt that my body needed to rest so I listened to it.

Wednesday: First I went to the gym and then I met Michelle for a dinner at a pub in Hammersmith. We decided that this should be a weekly thing.

Thursday: After work I had a chat with the fathers mom since she is in town and living with us, I didn’t went out since I wanted to have everything in order for my travel. I always gets super stressed when I´m about to fly and think that I will forget everything hehe.

Friday: I flew to Sweden and got home really late so I went straight for the bed. Daytime I cleaned my roomed and packed the bags.

Saturday: I meet my grannies and hung out with my brother and his girlfriend all day, in the night I went out with Sofie.

Sunday: I meet my aunt and we went to my grandma and had a coffee. After that I ate lunch at my aunt´s place and then my parents came home. Later I finally got to meet my fiancé and now, (monday morning), we are eating breakfast.

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