My weekend in Gothenburg with my Love

So ofcourse I didn’t take any pictures with my camera, since I didn’t even bring it. I really need to buy a smaller one so I can have any use of it. Anyway, this is the pictures I took with my Iphone, it’s better than nothing but not great.

The first day we just realxed, (as we did the whole weekened). We started with going to the harbour and have a look, the sun was out so it was amazing. Then we went to have a big lunch and then we headed to the hotel to stay there the rest of the day. We had dinner in bed, one of my favorite things is to eat in the bed, it’so relaxing.

The next day we went to Liseberg, a big amusement park in Gothenburg, as we thought it was a lot of fun. We spent the first half of the day there and then went for some shopping. In the evening we went out for drinks.

On saturday, (my birthday!!!), we went for a stroll in the city center and I did the one thing you must on your 20th birthday, systembolaget. You see in Sweden we can’t buy alcohol where ever we want, we have a specific store for that, and you must be 20 to buy from there. So, of course everyone in Sweden goes there on their 20th birthday. As you can see on the picture the day ended with picnic on le bed, again hehe. But first we had a bath on the terrace of thhe hotel, at the top they had a warm pool where you could sit and have wine, so nice! The hotel was Radisson blu riverside and I highly recommend it, the only downpart was that you have to take the bus to the center but it was only a five minute ride so it didn’t bother us at all.

On sunday we had our train back and we didn’t do much, we had a long breakfast at the hotel and packed our bags. We had sushi before we jumped on the train, I’ve learned how to eat sushi but I’m sticking to the vegetarian since I can’t stand the salmon yet.


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