Breakfast with my bf

So last Saturday my best friend came from Rhodes to visit us, (She works there now but comes from the same small town as me). We went to the only breakfast buffé we have in this little town and had to go upp early to be there some time before ten to have time to eat. But it was good, so totally worth it! After that we tried to come up with something to do, there is literally nothing to do in this town. So we had a look in the few stores, which took us about five minutes haha. Then we went home to my place and watched some movies and ate pizza. The thing we usually do, eat together. But who doesn’t love food right?

Tomorrow I’m working again, until 21:10 so I have a long day but that’s okay. On friday we are going to Gröna Lund, an amusement park in Stockholm where we used to go when we where younger. It’s so much fun and I’m very excited!

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