Better late than never

Hi! So these pics are from when we where in Linköping with my family. We, (Ahmed and I), tried his new camera and just had a bit of fun. I have my grandmas skirt on since it was to hot for jeans hehe, but it turned out pretty good!

So it is two days left until we move, and it feels good. I just fee lvery relaxed and happy. London feels like home to me and I really love that city, it’s going to be great to be back and do things again. In my hoem town, where I am now, there is litteraly nothing to do, and I’m so bored right now. Of course I like spending time with my family, but something else would be fun as well.

Ahmed and I have already made plans for our first day in London together, we are going to meet my childhood friend for brunch at the breakfast club, I love that place! I have also bought a new camera now that I’m planning om bringing wherever I go so more pictures for you guys, YAY!





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