Thursday roses

Yesterday Ahmed gave me flowers when I got home, he knows how to make me happy! Don’t you just love getting flowers when you least expect it? I know I do!

So this week it is week 4 out of 8 from the first term, time really flies! And I must admit that I still haven’t got the everyday routine and my energy is really low. I really need to start planning my days and be more productive, I guess I’m still a bit overwhelmed. Soon I will start work extra which feels great because I think one of my problems is that I have too much sparetime, now you all think how can you complain on that? Well to much sparetime just makes me more tired and lazy, I need a packed schedule, wake up in the morning and start work. My schedule now is mostly in the afternoon and I spend my mornings doing nothing, which results in me being even more lazier than I was before.



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