Winter look

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The cold weather is coming colder and colder for each day, so now it is time to face it and change our wardrobe to survive this winter! Take out the jumpers from last year, jumpers are never going out of time and suit perfectly for this colder weather, it is easy to keep the right temperature since when you come inside you can just take it off and show you beautiful blouse you have under or your casual t-shirt that is so comfortable.
Blue black and red is my colours this winter, which are yours? I also love gold and it is a huge trend now and has been for a while, so if you are brave enough, go for golden shoes or bag, or why not jacket?
It is sunday today and we are staying in, what are you doing? Here in London the weather is gray and cold, not a day you would like to spend out side so it is perfect for cleaning, grocery shopping and relaxing. And studying if you are me haha.

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