Gina Tricot – Organic Cotton

Gina Tricot has been doing organic cotton and eco-friendly lines for a while now, and I thought I show you my favorite colours of their Nitted organic cotton top “Hanneli Stickad TrΓΆja”. I want to dress in clothes that make me feel good, not only because they look good, also because my conscious can be at least a little bit better. For something to be approved as eco-friendly at Gina the product need to be of at least 50% organic material, which is good since it is very difficult to find good material that still is comfortable to wear.

Their price point is affordable and they give you the option as a normal person to dress more eco-friendly which I think i great. Of course there is other stores doing this and I will do my research and show you more of the green of fashion.

Cotton and environment

So as I’m very interested in the environment and how our lifestyle is connected to the global warming I have decided to post one article every week in this categorie. This is the first one, and I hope you will give me feedback so I can make them better each time!

So I’ve read and studied a lot about how the cotton industry is bad for the countries where it is produced. For example, a pair of jeans takes up to 10 000 liter of drinking water to produce. And this water is taken from countries who cannot afford to loose that much, but have an economy so bad that the government choose to prioritize the economy above the health of their inhabitants.

So what can YOU do about it?

I have several ideas of what each and everyone of us can do to make this better. Here is a list of things:

  • Buy ecological cotton
  • Don’t buy as many jeans, you don’t need them!
  • Try to buy as much second hand you can
  • Put more requirements on the producers and the business. So we all together force them to have a better production plan.



Pakistan is one of the countries who is effected the most by the cotton industry. It produces 40 percent of the worlds cotton. It has grown so large that they cannot survive without it, yet they cannot survive with it. With that I mean that it is effecting their drinking water so much that the people in this country is suffering from starvation. If we procceed this procedure long enough, all that will be left of pakistan is cotton fields and no life. The animals is being poisoned by the chemicals from the cotton fields. They use chemicals to keep the cotton healthy and get rid of small animals living there, while the animals who actually live in the areas around the fields is being poisoned, is this really what we want in our world?

Not only the animals are being poisoned, also the humans working there. Everyday they inhale these chemicals and it is proven to cause a variaty of diseases, some deadly.

Thank you for reading! If you find this interesting, please let me know and I can make a part two. Because there is so much more than this but I thought this is long enough to read.