The perfect striped shirt


Hi and good morning! So today I’m home at my parents and I just had my first coffee, this is heaven. I love Swedish coffe.

Anyway, I know the though job to find the perfect striped shirt, and let’s admit it, every wardrobe needs a striped shirt so you better start looking! These two are both eco-friendly and budget friendly, that’s why I chose them. And I love the collar on the second one, so cute.

Gina Tricot – Organic Cotton

Gina Tricot has been doing organic cotton and eco-friendly lines for a while now, and I thought I show you my favorite colours of their Nitted organic cotton top “Hanneli Stickad TrΓΆja”. I want to dress in clothes that make me feel good, not only because they look good, also because my conscious can be at least a little bit better. For something to be approved as eco-friendly at Gina the product need to be of at least 50% organic material, which is good since it is very difficult to find good material that still is comfortable to wear.

Their price point is affordable and they give you the option as a normal person to dress more eco-friendly which I think i great. Of course there is other stores doing this and I will do my research and show you more of the green of fashion.