So Valentine’s Day is coming up really soon, do you have any plans? I’m going to my bestie in Gran Canaria, im so excited! 

& other stories – from day to night

1. Dress HERE 2. Boot HERE  3. Sneakers HERE 4. Bomber HERE

I just visited & other stories sale and wow do they have some good pieces. I picked out my four favorites, the dress can easy go from daywear to nightwear by switching from sneakers to boots.

Today it is pouring down but I gotta say that I’m happy anyways. I had a good workout this morning and I plan to go for a walk this afternoon after I’ve finished my studying. Have a good day everyone!

The sun is shining and so are you

Photographer: Michelle Äärlaht

Michelle and I went to Science museum and watch their IMAX, Beautiful planet, I strongly recommend this if you are in to planet stuff or just like to watch beautiful pictures and views. Afterwards we went for a stroll and took some pictures, and wow we got some really amazing pictures!


“You have to take some from behind, these pants makes my ass look amazing” 


I can’t believe how fun we always have together, no matter the weather, the day, or our mood, we always find a way to laugh and have something to talk about. The reason the pictures are so good, is firstly of course because she is amazing, but also because we have so much FUN when we take them. I don’t like to be serious and look perfect in every image, I like when you can see that there is actually a person in front of that camera, and that people can be beautiful without too much makeup and posing. Oh god, did I just give you guys some serious advice? Well, sometimes I’m sentimental, deal with it.

I’m thinking about writing a post about how it is to live alone in a big city, would this be something you want to read? Let me know!

Cool bag straps

Click on the small images to see get to the amazing straps. 
Have you noticed how the trend with different bag straps is coming? I love it! So funny and easy to experiment with, this is a budget alternative so you don’t have to go for Anya Hindmarch or fendi to get the cool bag strap, you can go to romwe. If you’re not a brand lover of course. My favorite strap is the one in the lower right corner with flowers, so much flower power there!

Golden Shoes – Reebook


I’ve bought new shoes! And I’m in looove with them, they are golden and so comfortable and super cool! And today it is friday and I can finally have some free time, I love the weekends, but who doesn’t hey? Do you have any fun plans this weekend? Me and Ahmed will probably do something but we don’t have any plans yet, so nice sometimes to just see where it takes us.

Gina Tricot – Organic Cotton

Gina Tricot has been doing organic cotton and eco-friendly lines for a while now, and I thought I show you my favorite colours of their Nitted organic cotton top “Hanneli Stickad Tröja”. I want to dress in clothes that make me feel good, not only because they look good, also because my conscious can be at least a little bit better. For something to be approved as eco-friendly at Gina the product need to be of at least 50% organic material, which is good since it is very difficult to find good material that still is comfortable to wear.

Their price point is affordable and they give you the option as a normal person to dress more eco-friendly which I think i great. Of course there is other stores doing this and I will do my research and show you more of the green of fashion.

Colder days


Now when the colder weather is hitting town we better be prepared, here is some inspiration on leather gloves that I like, I need to buy myself a pair. It so cold to go with bare hands! My favorites are the two on top, now I just need to decide if i dare to go with red or stay safe with black? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Click on the links under the picture to get to the specific product.

The Perfect Coat

As the weather is getting colder we all need a ned coat, and I’m in the look out for a black, super long, wool coat. Let me know if you find the perfect one! Here you have som inspiration, I really love the one on top in the middle from NA-KD. As usual, click on the small images to get to the product. Hope you all have a good day!

Click on the small images to see the product. 

Le specs – Sunnies

Click on the small images to see the product. 
Hello! So I’m desperate for a new pair of sunnies and le specs have my attention at the moment. They have so many different style to choose from and I’m sure I will find my next pair from them.

Gina tricot inspo 

Jeans HERE, Blouse HERE, Top HERE, Tank Top HERE

Lately I’ve been loving the Swedish store Gina tricot, which is a store I never bought clothes from before but now have so much buyable clothes for me! They have the latest trend for a good price. My favorites of these is definitely the jeans and the off shoulder blouse, that I would buy in black also.  

So tonight I’m in Stockholm at my fiancée house and he is working so I need to keep myself occupied, which is something that is rather easy as I just watch tv and drink tv hehe. It’s almost only a month left until our move to London and we can’t wait! We are so excited and it is going to be amazing to have our own space and be able to see each other everyday. Hopefully we find a nice apartment that live up to our criteria.