Catch The Sun

Photographer: Estelle Andersson

BeFunky Collage.jpg


Jacket/H&M – Jeans/Levis – Top/HERE – Bag/Kurt Geiger

In this boring and rainy weather we need to really appreciate and enjoy the few moments of the sun. As soon as the sun shines on me, I can feel how much happier it makes me and that my mood changes and my energy level is up.

Today I’ve had one of those days when you don’t do much, I worked on my report for school and did some laundry, haven’t even left my flat but that’s okay sometimes. Tomorrow I have school and will probably go for some shopping after since I’m going to Gran Canaria next week and need some summer clothes and nice shoes. You always need sometime right?

Hope you all have a good day!

Black coat in Camden

Coat/similar HERE, Jeans/similar HERE, Bag/Ralph Lauren

It’s sunday today and I’m laying in my couch exactly as you are supposed to do on sundays. I looked trough my camera and remembered that I took some photos this week with another blogger. I tried my camera and I think it’s okay, I have to learn how to deal with it a bit more and how to edit the pictures but these came out okay right? I loved the wall we found that is so vintage and cool, and best of all, the sign in the window saying “ROCK N ROLL”.

The sun is shining and so are you

Photographer: Michelle Äärlaht

Michelle and I went to Science museum and watch their IMAX, Beautiful planet, I strongly recommend this if you are in to planet stuff or just like to watch beautiful pictures and views. Afterwards we went for a stroll and took some pictures, and wow we got some really amazing pictures!


“You have to take some from behind, these pants makes my ass look amazing” 


I can’t believe how fun we always have together, no matter the weather, the day, or our mood, we always find a way to laugh and have something to talk about. The reason the pictures are so good, is firstly of course because she is amazing, but also because we have so much FUN when we take them. I don’t like to be serious and look perfect in every image, I like when you can see that there is actually a person in front of that camera, and that people can be beautiful without too much makeup and posing. Oh god, did I just give you guys some serious advice? Well, sometimes I’m sentimental, deal with it.

I’m thinking about writing a post about how it is to live alone in a big city, would this be something you want to read? Let me know!

The horror of Regents Park


Photographer: Michelle Äärlaht

Yesterday I meet Michelle for a stroll in Regents Park, she brought her camera so we took some amazing photos. The feeling was so moody and scary in regents park because of the fog and the trees. It felt like a horror movie when we where walking around, and on top of all, we saw real black swans! A crazy day and funny as always with Michelle.


Jacket/similar HERE Pants/HERE Bag/HERE 




All black under the Christmas lights

London is so beautiful during christmas, I love just walking around in the city and watching all the decoration. The break is coming closer and so are the exams, so I really need to study now and dont really have time to blog so my updates might be bad but at least you know why.

You find links to what I’m wearing further down in the post, the golden shoes are impossible to find online though but they have them at Office. 

Photographer: Ahmed Ziyad, click on his name to see his instagram.


Jeans HERE / Shoes Reebok / Coat similar HERE / Bag HERE


Green leaf

Hello everybody! This is some pictures from the first weekend here in London, after the canal in camden, beautiful right? I’m black as usual, but more colour is sneaking in to my closet so that is good.

The apartment is turning out great, still some stuff to do but I guess there will always be something.


Jacket/Pull and bear – Bag/Kurt Geiger – Pants/Nelly – Shoes/Adidas




Striped culottes

This is one look I shoot with Ahmed, my boyfriend, in Gothenburg. I love my pants, they are so comfy yet look so good! The time when you go out feeling uncomfortable is almost passed, I’m going to live in these pants for a while now. Until I hopefully find something just as comfy.

IMG_0401Top – Gina Tricot (Similar here) / Pants – Topshop (HERE, different colour) / Shoes – Don’t remember(Similar here)


Outfit – New Kings Road

Hi guys! So this is a casual outfit that I wore the other day when I went for a coffe with my neighbor Sofia. The dress is the one I bought on sale and it is very comfy. Today I am very lazy and feel like having a day in the bed, it’s been a long time since I had a relaxing day so I think it is time now.

I can’t believe how the time flies, now it is only four weeks left for me as an au pair and it feels like I just arrived, but at the same time it feels like I have been here forever. Such a weird feeling. It is going to be nice to get back to my family and spend some time with them before my boyfriend and I move to London in October. And I miss him so much so I’m really looking forward to that. Our own place to live, do what we want, make the food we want and just be us. It is going to be great!


Outfit – Strängnäs

This is a look that my fiancé and I shot in my hometown. Since I’ve been on vacation the blog hasn’t been updated as much, hope you understand!

Skirt/NoaNoa – Shoes/primark – Top/spain

London or Spain?

Hello and goodmorning! This is a look a shot with Michelle last weekend, we went to Holland park and on our way there we say this amazing little street. It really feels like we are somewhere exotic and not a bit like London. Today it is Friday and I´m free the entire weekend and soon I´m going for a run around the river.


IMG_7225Hat/Monki – Top/Miss selfridges – Skirt/Second hand – Bag/Pull and bear – Sandals/Really old – Leather jacket/Pull and bear