New Years Dress


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I know how difficult it is to find the perfect new years eve dress so here is some inspiration, has 50% of on party dresses so now is the time to make the choice. GOGOGO! Okay just kidding haha, but have a look if you want, I know I want to.

Columbia Flower Market

So it’s Sunday today and the flower market on columbia road is on fire, so crowded, so nice and so beautiful! If you are in London, i strongly recommend you to visit this market, then head down to brick lane market for some food and you Sunday is perfect.

So we found an apartment and will be moving in some day next week, hopefully in the begining but it depends on the paperwork. Then the first thing on our list is IKEA, where i’m definitely will eat Swedish meatballs and cinnamon buns, and buy gifflar to take home and probably marabou, ( the best chocolate ever).

Hallys – Fulham

Good morning! Today it is monday and that means back to work, or back to being an au pair. Today I’m going for a run in a bit and then I have babysitting this afternoon. The pictures are from when Sofia and I went for a coffee some day last week. We tried a place neither of us have ever been to before and we both liked it, the coffe was good and the cake was amazing. I liked the interior as well so this is a place I strongly recommend if you are in Fulham some day. It is called Hallys and is located at new kings road.


Budget Fashion

Hi guys, I know that there is so many of you out there that wants to buy all the latest fashion but simply cannot afford it. So here I have some good website that I can show you. If you want the basic stuff, you go to Here are some of my favorites:

Now I’m off to the gym, tried to work out yesterday but it wasn’t a good workout. So I am on it again! And sorry about the quality off the pics, couldn’t make them any better.