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The pictures above are taken on my last day in Sweden, Ahmed and I had a little picnic at Skeppsholmen where you have this amazing view of Stockholm. At times like that I am so happy, when I get to spend time with my one and only love and just enjoy each others presence.


This is a “rabarberpaj” that is very common in Sweden during summertime. It needs to be eaten with “vaniljsås” and is the best!


These are the flowers my fiancé gave me when I first arrived in Sweden, he is the best!

What have I been up to this week?

So this is mostly a post for my mom who loves to read what I am doing, and since I´m not writing so much of that everyday anymore I´m going to do a recap of the week every Sunday, so you can keep track of me haha.

Monday: Oh gosh, I don´t even remember. My memory is so bad! Okay let´s think.. Oh yes! I had a normal day as an au pair, meaning we went to the park and had a picnic. After that I meet my friend Olivia for a workout and picnic in the park, we did tabata which I can tell you more about in another post and I ate a salad.

Tuesday: I ran my usual run around the river in the morning, (I´m always free between 9 am and 1 pm). After work I worked on the blog, which I´m also doing every day after 9 and before I go to the gym or for a run which is around 10-ish.

Wednesday: Every Wednesday I finish at 2 pm, I went to the gym for body pump and showered there to be able to look in the shops for a bit. I was so tired so I ended up at a coffee shop and again, worked on my blog.

Thursday: Nothing much, my body needed to rest this day so no work out. I saw a movie in bed and just relaxed.

Friday: I was home watching a movie to save energy for Oxford on Saturday.

Saturday: I went to Oxford with Michelle and we stayed there the whole day. Although it was raining it was a great day and we both enjoyed it a lot!

Sunday: Today I went to the gym to do a boxing class and after that I meet and old friend from when I danced in Eskilstuna for a lunch and a coffee. It was nice!

Here are some pictures I took with my camera from Oxford.

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Welcome to my new blog!

Hello everyone! I´ve earlier been blogging on but thought I would challenge myself a little more and expand my blog to a more international crowd. So who am I? I am a Swedish blogger that currently lives as an au pair in London. In October I´m starting my studies as a fashion business student at Istituto Marangoni which I´m very excited about.

In this blog you will read about my everyday life and see many outfit posts. I hope you will enjoy and I welcome all feedback on the contact page. See you soon!