So Valentine’s Day is coming up really soon, do you have any plans? I’m going to my bestie in Gran Canaria, im so excited! 

The Perfect Coat

As the weather is getting colder we all need a ned coat, and I’m in the look out for a black, super long, wool coat. Let me know if you find the perfect one! Here you have som inspiration, I really love the one on top in the middle from NA-KD. As usual, click on the small images to get to the product. Hope you all have a good day!

Click on the small images to see the product. 

Budget Fashion

Hi guys, I know that there is so many of you out there that wants to buy all the latest fashion but simply cannot afford it. So here I have some good website that I can show you. If you want the basic stuff, you go to Here are some of my favorites:

Now I’m off to the gym, tried to work out yesterday but it wasn’t a good workout. So I am on it again! And sorry about the quality off the pics, couldn’t make them any better.