Comfy in between

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How is your christmas? Do you have time to relax during all the stress? Here are some sweaters that looks so comfortable that you just have to wear them. Now lets go shopping all the sales!

Which bag do you want for christmas?



Hi everyone, I’m been gone for a while. I guees I’m just to busy to find inspiration to blog right now, as usual it comes and goes. I’ve been off school for a week, but my last assignment was due on monday so now I’m on my break for real, it feel so good to have some time off and to soon go back to Sweden for a couple of weeks. And Christmas eve is coming up, my favorite day of the year! What do you usually do on christmas eve? I always celebrate with my family and eat lots of food.

I’m in a backpack mood and have been for the last couple of months, but I can’t seem to find the right one, what do you think of these above? I Love them all, it’s just if I can fit my laptop in it or not and I need my laptop so that’s important.

All red for christmas

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So I guess most of you know that I’m love christmas, and what is a christmas without red? I need to go and buy me some red clothes for this christmas, I completely love the red dress with the rosette on the back! Doing this collage made me so excited, its less than a month left for christmas, the happiest time of the year!
Hope you all had a great weekend, I spend mine in my apartment with my essay, yay. But it was fine because I had my chocolate. See you!