So Valentine’s Day is coming up really soon, do you have any plans? I’m going to my bestie in Gran Canaria, im so excited! 

Craving turtlenecks

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Hi everybody! So, you know when you are in the Januray mood? You have so many new plans and goals for the year but all your energy has run out and the weather is making you all moody and you just wants to go to some place warm and get a tan? Well anyway, that’s me rigth know. I’m living in comfy sweaters and just crave more and more so I have something to choose from in the morning.
So what do I do about this? Well I do two things, I booked a flight to Gran Canaria to visit my bestie who lives there, so I get some sun and my best friend, what is better than that?

All red for christmas

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So I guess most of you know that I’m love christmas, and what is a christmas without red? I need to go and buy me some red clothes for this christmas, I completely love the red dress with the rosette on the back! Doing this collage made me so excited, its less than a month left for christmas, the happiest time of the year!
Hope you all had a great weekend, I spend mine in my apartment with my essay, yay. But it was fine because I had my chocolate. See you!

Velvet + Pyjamas

Velvet is a huge trend right now, and so is pyjamas, so why not mix them? I completely love the pants and jacket, would definitely wear that!

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The move to london is coming closer and closer, today, it is only 26 days left until we arrive at Heathrow airport. It feels so good that this big part of my life is coming, I’m going to study what I love, Fashion Business, on a school that is very well known in the industry with people who love the same things as I do, can It get better? Yes it can! Because I’m doing all this with my second half, the one and only, my best friend and boyfriend. I can’t wait to start this jurney!

Le specs – Sunnies

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Hello! So I’m desperate for a new pair of sunnies and le specs have my attention at the moment. They have so many different style to choose from and I’m sure I will find my next pair from them.