So Valentine’s Day is coming up really soon, do you have any plans? I’m going to my bestie in Gran Canaria, im so excited! 

& other stories – from day to night

1. Dress HERE 2. Boot HERE  3. Sneakers HERE 4. Bomber HERE

I just visited & other stories sale and wow do they have some good pieces. I picked out my four favorites, the dress can easy go from daywear to nightwear by switching from sneakers to boots.

Today it is pouring down but I gotta say that I’m happy anyways. I had a good workout this morning and I plan to go for a walk this afternoon after I’ve finished my studying. Have a good day everyone!

Craving turtlenecks

Click on the small pictures to get to the product.
Hi everybody! So, you know when you are in the Januray mood? You have so many new plans and goals for the year but all your energy has run out and the weather is making you all moody and you just wants to go to some place warm and get a tan? Well anyway, that’s me rigth know. I’m living in comfy sweaters and just crave more and more so I have something to choose from in the morning.
So what do I do about this? Well I do two things, I booked a flight to Gran Canaria to visit my bestie who lives there, so I get some sun and my best friend, what is better than that?

Comfy in between

Click on the small images to see the product.
How is your christmas? Do you have time to relax during all the stress? Here are some sweaters that looks so comfortable that you just have to wear them. Now lets go shopping all the sales!

What have I been up to?


Okay, so first I guess I need to apologise, my blogging mode is not on top and I have honestly not been in the mode to blog the latest week. So what have I been up to? Judging by the pictures I have mostly been eating, and yes that’s about it. My Friday was very good and I meet a friend from Sweden for a dinner, we went to notting hill and spotted an Italian restaurant that was amazing! We had good red wine and the best pizza so far in London, it really was amazing!

On Saturday my neighbor and I went for shopping in Oxford street, I hate that street because of the crowd, but once in a while it is nice to go there. I was hoping to find something from the sale and all that I got was a dress from Zara, I’m too critical when I go shopping haha. For lunch we went for The breakfast club, and it was amazing as always! I went for the typical panncakes and milkshake, and wasn’t even able to finish it all, so sad.

Since Sofia wanted to do some more shopping before leaving for Spain we went to Westfield on Sunday and of course I didn’t have much luck there either, all I found was a sports brah. When I got back home I was so tired so I went almost straight for bed, it was nice with a relaxing evening and just watching series.